Please remove your shoes inside the house, as outdoor elements can damage the floors.

Outdoor sports equipment is not allowed inside, as it can damage floors.

The main tenant must be present during the stay.

The tenant is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rental premises. Only guests who are registered in the booking are allowed to stay at the chalet.
Please ensure that the correct number of guests is reflected in your booking request.

Security deposit

A security deposit of $500 is required.

This is not a place to party

We have a zero tolerance policy which will result in immediate eviction from the property without refund and the tenant will be 100% responsible for additional cleaning costs and any damages incurred.

The Tenant agrees to abide by reasonable rules of conduct. The Tenant shall keep noise levels within reason.

To leave the property in the same condition as on arrival.

The Tenant undertakes to respect the rented premises and to return them to the same condition as on arrival. The furniture and objects at the tenant's disposal must be treated with care.

Please inform us of any items broken or damaged during your stay. Any material damage in or to the chalet caused by the tenant during the rental period is at the tenant's expense and must be reimbursed.

No pets allowed

No smoking / no smoke of any kind

The chalet is inspected immediately on departure and any traces of smoke are immediately identifiable.

Any additional cleaning required due to smoking will result in an automatic deduction from the deposit.