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Welcome to Les Suites Nature Charlevoix

A hidden gem nestled in the heart of the forest, offering unparalleled privacy and tranquility. Here, the symphony of mature trees, distant mountains, and the majestic river creates a serene backdrop for your escape. Step into a world of absolute comfort where every detail has been carefully crafted. Our suites are equipped with modern conveniences, including air conditioning, a private spa, and an outdoor wood-burning fireplace, ensuring a cozy retreat amidst nature. The open-plan design, with large bay windows and a panoramic shower, invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you, perched on a hill overlooking the breathtaking landscape.

spa, shower, fireplace

Immerse yourself in an exclusive thermal experience – sauna, hammam and private spa in your suite, perfect for a romantic getaway in Charlevoix. Whether for a honeymoon, a romantic weekend, or a simple escape, our wilderness suite rental offers much more than a simple glamping stay in Quebec, it's an experience that surpasses the best hotels.

Come experience a romantic getaway, where every detail has been thought of to create unforgettable memories. For a weekend or an extended getaway, this enchanting refuge in the heart of the magnificent Charlevoix region will become your haven of peace, a breath of fresh air far from the daily hustle and bustle

In the preserved natural setting of Suites Nature Charlevoix, escape takes on a new meaning. Our vision, driven by the gentleness and sensitivity of our founder, aims to create a sanctuary where each breath of wind and each ray of sunlight awaken the senses. Currently in its blossoming phase, our emerging park already offers a captivating taste of what is to come.

Our aspiration is to create a natural sanctuary, a harmonious preservation park where summer and winter intertwine in perfect symbiosis with our environment. All of this converges into an experience that will transform each stay in Charlevoix into a treasure trove of unforgettable memories, a showcase of memorable moments shaped by the magic of nature.

Imagine winding paths that guide you through captivating landscapes, offering an intimacy that resonates with nature itself. Our suites, planned to number thirty, will soon be warm refuges, combining modern comfort with raw authenticity. Temporary accommodation designed for romantic escapes and unforgettable moments.


While not every facet of our project stands revealed, we extend an invitation to share this adventure with us. The first steps have been taken, but the crescendo is yet to come. To the curious souls and lovers seeking a retreat, join our budding community and be the pioneers weaving memories in this haven under construction.

It's not merely a place; it's a promise of wonder, relaxation, and profound connections with nature and those you hold dear. As our sanctuary unfolds, it calls out to the hearts seeking tranquility, inviting them to partake in a journey where each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of a remarkable retreat.

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Discover the Extraordinary – Suites Nature Charlevoix Special Features:

Sumptuous Accommodations:
Immerse yourself in luxury, whether it's the warmth of a cozy winter retreat or the blissful escape of a summer getaway.

Glamping and Nature:
Experience the magic of glamping, where the comforts of modern living merge seamlessly with the untamed outdoors.

Nature Observation:
Marvel at the celestial wonders above and the earthly beauty below, finding peace in the embrace of nature.

Resort in a Natural Setting:
Envelop yourself in the tranquility of a resort designed to harmonize with the natural splendor that surrounds it.

Your adventure begins at Suites Nature Charlevoix, where luxury, nature, and your story converge in an unforgettable blend of comfort and enchantment.

Coming Soon: A Symphony of Nature's Adventures in Charlevoix

Hiking: A Dance with Breathtaking Panoramas
In the heart of Charlevoix, an adventure awaits those who seek the enchantment of nature. Soon, you'll be able to walk on trails that reveal breathtaking panoramas, each step leaving an indelible mark on the landscape's memory. Picture yourself discovering hidden nooks and crannies, immersed in the raw beauty that only nature can provide.

Access to the River: Surrender to Nature's Lullaby
Close your eyes and imagine the melody of a gentle river's murmur, lulling you to sleep. Soon, the refreshing waters of Charlevoix will be at your fingertips, inviting you to plunge into tranquility. Feel the soothing energy of the river's currents embracing you, a symphony of nature's embrace.

Sculptures: Imagine yourself strolling along a carefully curated trail adorned with sculptures, each telling a unique story. This isn't just an art exhibition; it's a journey of renewal and introspection. The sculptures are not isolated pieces but interconnected through a poetic thread, creating a meditative ambiance at each site.

Fruit Harvest: Picking your own fruit at Suites Nature Charlevoix is much more than a simple fruit harvest. It's an invitation to enjoy nature in all its splendor, to connect with the generous earth that surrounds us.


airbnb superhost

''Perfect stay! We were able to experience chalet #1 and #2. An ideal place to reconnect with nature and relax. Pleasant and fluid communication with Thomas-Guillaume. We will definitely come back.''

Pascale (Airbnb)

''We left the accommodation only a few hours ago and we have already booked for next time!
What a little gem in the heart of nature, a few minutes by car from excellent restaurants in Baie St Paul (the host offered us delicious choices) and hiking trails.
We hadn't noticed the absence of television and that was a blessing! We enjoyed nature and even had a visit from deer.
The view of the river from the spa is sublime.
Everything is absolutely clean.
The bed is ultra comfortable.
The chalet is bright and intimate. We quickly felt at home there... in addition to the luxury of the thermal experience!
One of the most beautiful Airbnbs we have rented; perfect for a romantic getaway! See you soon!''

Émilie (Airbnb)